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National Anthem of Cameroon

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O Cameroon, thou cradle of our fathers,
Proudly rally to defend your liberty.
And like the sun, your flag will be resplendent,
As a symbol of your faith and unity.
May all your children follow the command,
From East and West to give their heart,
Their only wish to serve their land
And with constancy play their part.

This our land that we all love so,
On you our whole happiness is stayed.
You're our joy and you're our life too;
To you be honour and love displayed.

You are the tomb where our fathers are resting,
You're the garden they prepared and they conceived,
We work that you may become fair and prosp'rous,
And one day at last we'll see all achieved.
May you be a faithful child of Africa,
Advancing steadily in peace,
In hope that ev'ry young child of yours
Will love you until time shall cease.


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