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Our Land

(translation from the Finnish version)

Oh our land, Finland, fatherland,
echo loudly, golden word!
No valley, no hill,
no water, shore more dear
than this northern homeland,
this precious land of our fathers.
One day from your bud
you will bloom;
From our love shall rise
your hope, glorious joy,
and once in song, fatherland
higher still will ring.

[edit]Our Land

(translation from the Swedish version)

Our land, our land, our Fatherland!
Ring out, dear word, oh sound!
No rising hill, or mountain grand,
No sloping dale, no northern strand,
There is, more loved, to be found,
Than this — our fathers’ ground.
Thy blossom, hidden now from sight,
Shall burst its bud ere long.
Lo! from our love, shall rise aright,
Thy sun, thy hope, thy joy, thy light,
And higher, once, more full and strong,
Shall ring Our Country’s song.
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