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Karelia, the land of the Karelian peoples, is an area in Northern Europe of historical significance for Finland, Russia, and Sweden. It is currently divided between the Russian Republic of Karelia, the Russian Leningrad Oblast, and Finland.

Native land—Karelia!
Ancient and wise country.
One family of brother-nations,
Ring, lakes, and sing, taiga!
Native land, you are dear to me.
High on your mountains I stand
And a song to your glory I sing.
My native land—Karelia!
You have been given to me for all time by fate.
Live long through the centuries, my country,
The heroes of folk tales, amidst the woods and mountains
Still live on our land to this day.
Sing on, o song! Kantele, sing louder yet
In the name of the sacred Karelian land!
My native land—Karelia!
The lively melody of runes and fables.
I see your bright dawn,
I see your radiant dawn,


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