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"Pour L'Afrique et pour toi, Mali" 
(For Africa and for You, Mali)

At your call, Mali, 
So that you may prosper, 
Faithful to your destiny, 
We shall all be united, 
One people, one goal, one faith 
For a united Africa. 
If the enemy should show himself 
Within or without, 
On the ramparts, 
We are ready to stand and die. 

For Africa and for you, Mali, 
Our banner shall be liberty. 
For Africa and for you, Mali, 
Our fight shall be for unity. 
Oh, Mali of today, 
Oh, Mali of tomorrow, 
The fields are flowering with hope 
And hearts are thrilling with confidence. 

Africa is at last arising, 
Let us greet this new day. 
Let us greet freedom, 
Let us march towards unity. 
Refound dignity 
Supports our struggle. 
Faithful to our oath 
To make a united Africa, 
Together, arise, my brothers, 
All to the place where honour calls. 


Stand up, towns and countryside, 
Stand up, women, stand up young and old, 
For the Fatherland on the road 
Towards a radiant future. 
For the sake of our dignity 
Let us strengthen our ranks; 
For the public well-being 
Let us forge the common good. 
Together, shoulder to shoulder, 
Let us work for happiness. 


The road is hard, very hard, 
That leads to common happiness. 
Courage and devotion, 
Constant vigilance, 
Courage and devotion, 
Constant vigilance, 
Truth from olden times, 
The truths of every day, 
Happiness through effort 
Will build the Mali of tomorrow. 



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