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National Anthem of Panama

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We finally attained victory
In the happy field of union.
With glowing splendour,
The new nation is illumined.

It is necessary to veil with a curtain
The Calvary and Cross of the past,
And for you to adorn the azure of your skies
With the splendid light of concord.
Progress fondly touches your homes,
In time with the music of a sublime song.
You see, roaring at your feet, two oceans
Which give direction to your noble mission.


On your flower-covered soil,
Kissed by the warm breeze,
Warlike clamour has ended
And only brotherly love reigns.
Ahead, with spade and stone-mason's hammer!
To work, without more delay!
In this way we shall be the honour and glory
Of this fertile land of Columbus.


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